We process your translation request by using latest technology to ensure your document translated effectively in high quality as well as
saving time and cost. We use CAT Tools (Computer Aided Translation Tools), or you may say Translation software to maximize the translation
work and also save the time and cost. Right now, we handle following language pairs:

  • English – Indonesian
  • English – Malay
  • German – Indonesian
  • German – Malay
  • Japanese – Indonesian
  • Japanese – Malay
  • Chinese – Malay


You want to give a speech in seminar, workshop or conference and need an expert to translate your ideas to the spectators in time? We provide
you our interpreting service. With more than 20 years of experience and qualified interpreters who are expert in specialized field, we know how
to process your requirement.


Have you ever ordered a translation service for your brochure, catalogue, flyer or any marketing document but the result does not meet your expectation?
Surprisingly, the translators claims what is written in the target language is already correct! Probably they are correct in term of translation but not thinking
further about the copywriting. For us, translation style depends on the purpose of the document itself. If it is for marketing purpose, we will treat it in a special
way with a copywriting service. In this case, our task is not only translating the document but also helping our customers to sell their products.

Leave your marketing document to us. We will do the copywriting to make sure your documents attract the customers!


Sometimes, transcription looks like a piece-of-cake job to do. You only need to hear someone’s voice in the audio and just write everything as it is. However, be
careful with the fact that if the one who transcript is not a native speaker!

We only provide native transcript writer to make sure your work handled seriously and to avoid work redundancy

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STAR Group has been awarded as the best company in the Translation & Localisation Services
Industry 2016 by European CEO Awards